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Podcast Gives Farbman Group Tenants a Chance to Carve Out Valuable Real Estate on the Digital Landscape

In the wake of a year in which landlords and tenants alike struggled to overcome the crippling economic and logistical challenges associated with COVID shutdowns and restrictions, the commercial real estate industry is looking forward to what promises to be a brighter, healthier and more prosperous 2021.
Farbman Group Podcast

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Detroit Back the Blue Program

Friday was the Detroit “Back the Blue Program” where we were able to say thank you to the Public Safety Professionals for all that they

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What Could be in Store for the Commercial Real Estate Market in a Pivotal 2021?

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has presented more than its share of challenges. With a tumultuous year now in the rearview mirror, commercial real estate professionals are looking ahead to what could be a very different 2021.

It’s hard not to be moved when you see

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3 Stealthy Tips to Leverage Linkedin for your business

3 Stealthy Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for your business TODAY ! Sheffield’s Video Marketing Tenant Dan Nichols reveals 3 powerful tactics to sell quicker and deepen relationships with your customers.



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COVID-19 Office Planning for an Uncertain Future

Blog: COVID-19 Office Planning for an Uncertain Future
With the COVID-19 pandemic altering the public health landscape in profound and possibly lasting ways, business decision makers have faced unprecedented operational and financial challenges. Consequently, they have been forced to think differently about everything from the design and functionality

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