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Real Estate of Mind with Andy Gutman
Real Estate of Mind with Andy Gutman
The Landlord’s Playbook

For those of us in the commercial real estate sector, the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the associated shutdowns has been profoundly disruptive. Landlords and tenants alike have been forced to wrestle with a whole new set of assumptions, face up to new challenges, and find

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The Future of Office Space in a Post-COVID World

The coronavirus pandemic has made us rethink almost everything about the way we live our lives—from hygiene, to how we interact with others, to how we purchase goods. It’s also forced us to take a long look at how we design and inhabit professional spaces.

In the world of commercial

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In Distress?

Distressed real estate market creates opportunities for buyers post-COVID—the question is when?

The civic and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been profound, altering lives and livelihoods in different ways. Some of those effects could last not just for months, but for years.

Market disruptions are always chaotic and consequential,

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