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Receiverships in the time of COVID

Being a Detroit-based company with Midwest expertise and a global reach, Farbman is used to being at the forefront of receivership work.  Detroit once was ground zero and still remains home to the foremost experts in repositioning distressed assets. Yet, in a commercial real estate industry where the COVID

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Multifamily Variability (A Close Look at a Commercial Real Estate Segment Shaped by Pandemic Pressures)

At a time when the turbulence of a pandemic-altered economy has roiled the commercial real estate sector in ways both small and large, different segments of the market have responded very differently. In that sense, the multifamily space mirrors the larger inconsistencies within the commercial real estate industry. Some

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Where in the World is Farbsy

We would like to introduce you to our new Farbman Group Mascot, Farbsy! Farbsy is a world traveler, a lover of architecture and shows up at all sorts of places. We hope you will join him on his travels as we play a round of “Where in the World

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45th Anniversary Carbon Unwind

As part of our Farbman group 45th Anniversary, we are dedicating parts of 2021 to our employees, our clients and the community. Recently we gave out free subscriptions to our team members of the Carbon Unwind App so that they could destress

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Doug Fura Midwest Hall of Fame

Please join us in congratulating Doug Fura on being inducted into the Midwest Hall of Fame. A well-deserved award for an award worthy career!


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