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Support in a Storm

In what has become (and will be forever remembered) as the Year of COVID, the commercial real estate sector is one of many industries that has been confronted with enormous challenges. Slowdowns, shutdowns, and necessary-but-punishing public health guidelines, have introduced unprecedented operational and financial challenges for landlords and tenants

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Podcasts, partnerships and possibilities: Landlords get creative to support their tenants during COVID-19

It’s not a controversial observation to note that the COVID-19 pandemic (and the related quarantine limitations and shutdowns) has presented an unprecedented series of operational and financial challenges for the commercial real estate sector. Landlords and tenants alike have struggled to adapt to new restrictions and limitations, mandatory closures

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Real Estate of Mind with Dan Nichols
The Big Rake

During these challenging times Farbman Cares was still able to volunteer with The Big Rake, a program started by the Mayor of Southfield. Couldn’t be more proud to help our elderly neighbors

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Positivity, Partnership & Professional Development in a Pandemic

As so many business owners and operators have unfortunately discovered firsthand, a pandemic introduces a host of complex new logistical and financial challenges. Even beyond the immediate and obvious public health concerns, running a business and managing a team of professionals isn’t easy. Remote work, site changes, and other

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