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Real Estate of Mind with Andy Gutman - 2019 Interns
C-Series - Cost Segregation - July 17th

Farbman was joined by Terry Judge of Core Solutions who gave an amazing presentation on cost segregation and other tax incentives.

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Southfield Community Cup 2019

Members of the Farbman Group team participated in the first event of the Southfield Community Cup 2019. One of Farbman Group’s bowling teams consisted of Darlene Burnett, Nathan Casey, Maureen Mahar and Dan McCleary


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Farbman Group Town Hall Meeting 2019

We held our full company Town Hall Meeting with informative and impressive insight from Andy Gutman, Michael Kalil and Chris Chesney.



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Corp! Magazine's Michigan's Economic Bright Spots Award

Farbman Group was honored to receive an Economic Bright Spot award at Corp! Magazine’s Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots awards event at the Colony Club in Downtown Detroit.

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