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Farbman Group Celebrates Pride Month by Flying Rainbow Flags Outside of Buildings

The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are finally being given the national attention they deserve. Big conversations are taking place about the progress that has been made, and the work that has yet to be done. Celebrating Pride Month feels like a meaningful opportunity for businesses to take

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The Post-COVID Comeback in Urban Midwest Cities

If you’ve spent much weekend time in any of the Midwest’s biggest cities recently, you might have noticed something surprising: downtown areas are bustling. This familiar activity, so conspicuously absent over the last 12-14 months of pandemic shutdowns and slowdowns, is a welcome reminder of the urban renaissance that

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Farbman Group Extends Sculpture Milwaukee Art Installation In Chase Tower Building

Here at Farbman Group, our commitment to creating and managing places that are true community resources includes a strong commitment to public art. From murals to statuary, public art installations are more than just an aesthetic upgrade—they a great way to make public spaces more appealing and engaging. Art

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Injecting Optimism

President Biden’s announcement that every American adult will have access to a vaccine by the end of May is just one recent highlight in an ongoing stream of good news about vaccine timelines, availability, and efficacy.

That’s obviously welcome news for everyone, and commercial real estate professionals are no exception.

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Regional Mall Repositioning in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID crisis has hit much of the commercial real estate sector extremely hard. For many regional malls—especially B and C malls that were already struggling—the impact has been devastating.

B and C mall assets were already facing the largest challenges in the regional mall space,

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