Site Selection Services

Farbman Site Selection Services helps our clients take data that is generally used to validate sites and locate new parcels of land for their desired purposes. We utilize analytical tools and procedures that help our clients analyze geographic, market or census data in a geographic context. Different units of measure include evaluating suitability and capability, estimating and predicting, and interpreting patterns and trends from many different geographic perspectives. Site location analysis and market research can provide invaluable insight with our research, site location modeling, reporting and mapping capabilities.

We can guide your strategic location-based, decision-making and planning with our wide range of modeling capabilities.

Market Analysis Benefits

Provides an effective and intuitive addition to analytical tools currently used:

  • Clear visual representation of complex data
  • Identification of key relationships within data
  • Provides visualization of opportunities and results
  • Addition of “missing” information
  • Helps translate customer information into actionable programs
  • Techniques can provide detailed overview or drill down information
  • Leverages location and customer information across your enterprise
  • Creates a competitive advantage by quickly identifying opportunities


Maps are a powerful way to view information. Most companies do not have in-house resources available to design and produce maps. Farbman Site Selection Services can create maps based on your ideas and can integrate your internal data with our innovative mapping capabilities.

Real Estate Analysis Planning

Organizations come to Farbman Site Selection Services for the most up-to-date real estate information. If you are considering expanding into a new area, we can provide detailed market research and demographic information to validate or identify the right location and project size.

Sales and Marketing Related Uses of Geographic Analysis

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Resource optimization
  • Customer profiling

Property Parcel Information Services

Farbman Site Selection Services provides tax sale property services for a wide range of applications. Solutions include:

  • a. Vacant parcel location identification
  • b. Tax assessment information
  • c. Parcel attribute information services
  • d. Plat map services