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Our program offering a complimentary assessment of your real estate to ensure that you are getting the mileage you should be. Whether you lease, own or have a combination thereof, we will provide valuable insight.

complimentary assessment of your real estate

At Farbman Group, we know real estate. Our innovative Tune-Up program is a valuable opportunity for you to benefit from that knowledge—entirely free of charge. The Tune-Up program provides personalized portfolio evaluations and analysis from our team of real estate experts—the same group of experienced professionals that have elevated Farbman to the forefront of a competitive industry, and have helped make us one of the premier real estate organizations.


A Culture of Service

Farbman Group is a full-service real estate organization managing more than 25 million square feet of commercial space.

Across four decades of industry experience, our sustained success has been built on the bedrock of the enduring relationships we form with clients and professional partners. We go above and beyond for every client to give them the tools and information they need to thrive.

The Farbman Group Tune-Up program is simply the latest expression of that commitment: a way for us to forge new relationships and extend our culture of service in ways that inspire and engage.

Whether you already own property and are looking to refine or expand your portfolio, or are simply interested in learning more about real estate investing, Farbman Group’s experienced team of real estate experts can give you the customized counsel and personalized insights and information you need to make more smarter and more informed decisions.

Refine Portfolio

Refine Your Portfolio

The Farbman Tune-Up program is an ideal obligation-free opportunity to let Farbman’s real estate experts help you review your existing real estate and provide valuable insight into a real estate strategy that fits your needs.

Expand Portfolio

Expand Your Portfolio

Looking to broaden your horizons, diversify your investments and expand your current portfolio? Farbman’s proven professionals have the personal insights and industry experience needed to help you get to the next level.

Learn Investing

Learn About Investing

Learn about real estate investing obstacles and opportunities from some of the industry’s most experienced and respected real estate experts.

Contact Farbman’s Tune-up Team