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We’ve earned our reputation for our unmatched real estate development skills and can guide strategic decision-making and planning with our wide range of site selection capabilities.

Perfect Fits. We Do It All the Time.

For Farbman Group, real estate development skills are the hallmark of our company. Our team carries a deep-seeded knowledge of markets and trends to maximize your investment, working with a strong sense of accountability.

We have extensive experience in seeing opportunities others miss and making them happen. For that reason, we’ve negotiated for and partnered with notable local, regional, national and international organizations.

Farbman Site Selection Services

Our site selection team utilizes analytical tools and procedures that give clients unmatched insight into geographic, market or census data in a geographic context.

Units of measure include evaluating suitability and capability, estimating and predicting, and interpreting patterns and trends from different geographic perspectives. This analysis and market research provides invaluable insight to guide your strategic location-based decision-making and planning.

Market Analysis  

Market analysis benefits include:

  • Clear visual representation of complex data
  • Identification of key relationships within data
  • Visualization of opportunities and results
  • Translation of customer information into actionable programs
  • Location and customer information across your enterprise
  • Competitive advantage by quickly identifying opportunities

Real Estate Analysis Planning

Organizations come to Farbman Group for the most up-to-date real estate information. For organizations looking to expand into a new area, we provide detailed market research and demographic information to validate or identify the right location and project size.

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