Court Receivership & Asset Repositioning: Midwest Real Estate Services

Farbman Group has over four decades of experience as a court receiver, with proficiency in areas including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, hotels, manufactured homes and more. Farbman is best in class in turning around distressed assets and asset repositioning.

Clients Love Us. The Courts Do, Too.

For over forty years, Farbman Group has been committed to protecting and improving the value of your real estate assets. We created Farbman Asset Repositioning to showcase this rich history and our vast capabilities.

Our experience as a court receiver includes office, industrial, retail, multi-family, manufactured homes, hotels and single-family projects throughout the Midwest.

As with our commercial real estate clients, we have maintained a favorable rapport with courts across the region due to a thorough understanding of our role in stabilizing asset value and preventing physical and financial waste.

Being one of the largest private third-party property management companies in Michigan – as well as being part of the largest brokerage network in the world – is instrumental to our success as a receiver.

Our reporting is sophisticated, comprehensible and complete – a critical function in keeping all parties informed and comfortable that the asset is being managed efficiently. Creating value for the benefit of everyone associated with an asset is our top priority.

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