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Important Considerations When Buying Commercial Land

Whether you’re expanding your company’s operations, building a brand-new business from scratch or looking for a new investment, finding, buying and developing commercial land is a valuable proposition that is widely perceived as a sign of organizational success.

Buying commercially zoned land isn’t something to jump head-first into. The process

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Three Ways Medical Real Estate is Different From the Rest

Diagnosing the differences of a dynamic medical commercial real estate market

It’s not exactly breaking news to point out that the healthcare industry is booming. Driven by large demographic shifts (more than a third of all Americans are now over the age of 50, and the number of people over

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The Ultimate Guide to Working With a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Some people carry the perception that working with a commercial real estate broker is intimidating, complex and unsympathetic. As one of the leading CRE firms for more than four decades, that has not been our experience.

While it’s true the stakes are higher in the world of commercial real

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Southfield Community Cup 2019

Members of the Farbman Group team participated in the first event of the Southfield Community Cup 2019. One of Farbman Group’s bowling teams consisted of Darlene Burnett, Nathan Casey, Maureen Mahar and Dan McCleary


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Corp! Magazine's Michigan's Economic Bright Spots Award

Farbman Group was honored to receive an Economic Bright Spot award at Corp! Magazine’s Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots awards event at the Colony Club in Downtown Detroit.

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