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Positivity, Partnership & Professional Development in a Pandemic

As so many business owners and operators have unfortunately discovered firsthand, a pandemic introduces a host of complex new logistical and financial challenges. Even beyond the immediate and obvious public health concerns, running a business and managing a team of professionals isn’t easy. Remote work, site changes, and other

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Options for Redesigning, Reconfiguring and Reimagining your Office Space in the Age of COVID

When it comes to making changes to your office environment that will minimize the public health risk and make it as safe as possible for your team to return to work, companies are all over the board. Some decision-makers have concluded they need more space and have worked to

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Farbman Launches Real Estate Services Program to Support Evolving COVID Office Needs

Companies everywhere have had to move quickly to adapt to the logistical, operational, and health and safety challenges presented by the ongoing global pandemic. One of the trickiest aspects of adapting to a post-COVID world will come once things start to get back to normal. Because, in many respects,

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A Look at the Metro Detroit Retail Marketplace in the Age of COVID

By: Ron Goldstone

While the seismic economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns sent shockwaves through the economy this past spring, the true long-term effects of a sustained and ongoing slowdown remain to be seen. The good news is that retailers have adapted relatively quickly to these challenging

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Investing in Times of Crisis

While the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been profound on brands and businesses around the world, the hospitality sector has been hit particularly hard.

As the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) revealed in a recent study, the scale and scope of the shutdown that began this

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