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Does Your Commercial Real Estate Need a Tune-Up?

Does your commercial real estate need a tune-up? Whether you are a mature company or a startup,  the answer is yes.

Many companies view Commercial Real Estate like a pure obligation with no more value to the company than the photocopier and many companies often relegate the task to

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Friendship Circle Happy Hour

Farbman Group hosted a very special happy hour in honor of our new partnership with Friendship Circle, where we are installing art projects produced by Friendship Circle and Soul Studio Artists. Artist, Fabian Israel, displayed his artwork which will be housed at Oakland

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The Changing Nature of Detroit Office Real Estate

In downtown Detroit, its metropolitan area and beyond, the nature of office real estate—and work itself—is changing at a rapid pace. Aside from traditional factors like construction costs and occupancy and employment rates, Detroit businesses, real estate investors and professionals are now dealing with an onslaught of new elements

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Detroit Retail Real Estate Challenges to Know

Retail real estate in Metro Detroit has been an increasingly hot topic for everyone from small businesses to global brands. As such, there are several challenges that need to be taken into consideration if you’re interested in the market.

As one of Detroit’s top retail real estate brokers for

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