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A full-service commercial real estate firm dedicated to providing efficient solutions for all of our clients’ needs.

This Robust Economic State is Full of Possibilities

One of the major transportation hubs, the state of Illinois offers undeniable commercial real estate opportunities

Home to the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois has something to offer for every business owner. With over 12 million residents, Illinois has a highly diverse economy. This state has the 5th highest GDP in the United States while offering affordable property prices—leaving business owners with ample opportunities for success. No matter your square footage needs, regulatory obligations, or industry, there’s a place and a workforce to match in Illinois.

At Farbman Group, we have over 45 years of experience as a family-owned and operated commercial real estate company. The relationships we build with our clients have elevated our ability to help produce some of the most successful businesses in this sector. From immense farmland and industrial areas in the north to bustling cities and developments in the south, Illinois is an economic powerhouse that provides a space for all businesses to grow.

Farbman Group in Illinois

Farbman Group has been your full-service commercial real estate partner throughout Illinois and beyond. We scour commercial real estate opportunities for an ideal location that suits your business needs. But we don’t stop there.

We also offer property and facility management to help you understand your infrastructure’s functionality and sustainability in the current market while providing investment and net leasing opportunities to diversify your real estate options. As the best-in-class at turning around distressed assets, Farbman Group’s ability to act as a receiver has helped many struggling businesses turn around. Additionally, our team of dedicated Healthcare experts can work closely with you to ensure each lease and sale strictly adheres to all regulatory standards.

With our expertise and extensive experience, you’ll quickly have the knowledge and resources required to capitalize on the ever-growing market of Chicago and Northbrook, IL.

Embrace the growing market in Chicago and Northbrook and become a part of this bustling city. Contact us today to discuss your commercial real estate options.

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About Farbman Group

Farbman Group is a full-service commercial real estate company dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services. We have led the Midwest commercial real estate market for nearly half a century—operating on strong ethics, integrity, and dedication to service. Our team here at Farbman Group offers unmatched experience and takes pride in going above and beyond for each of our client’s needs.