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Industrial Buildings
for Sale or Lease
in the Midwest

Discover exceptional industrial properties for sale in Detroit
and the Midwest with Farbman Group.


Our extensive portfolio features prime locations equipped to meet the diverse needs of businesses, from manufacturing facilities to warehouses and distribution centers.


With our industry expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, we provide personalized guidance throughout the buying process, ensuring you find the perfect property to support your business operations.

Whether expanding your company or seeking investment opportunities, trust Farbman Group to help you confidently and succeed in the Midwest industrial real estate market.

We understand the unique demands of the industrial sector and offer a comprehensive selection of properties tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our listings include modern facilities and modern amenities, as well as flexible spaces suitable for various industries. These listings showcase the best industrial real estate options in Detroit, Chicago, and the Midwest.

Backed by our team of experienced professionals, we provide unparalleled support and expertise to help you make informed decisions and secure the ideal property for your business. Partner with Farbman Group today and unlock the potential of the Midwest’s thriving industrial market for your next investment or expansion project.

Rent or Buy an Industrial Space

Whether to rent or buy an industrial space depends on your business goals, financial situation, and long-term plans. Renting offers flexibility with shorter lease terms and less upfront investment, making it suitable for businesses with uncertain growth or those seeking to avoid property maintenance responsibilities.

On the other hand, buying provides stability, potential equity growth, and greater control over the property, making it ideal for established businesses or those looking for long-term stability. When deciding, consider factors such as location, market trends, financing options, and future expansion plans.

Consulting with our industrial real estate experts can help you evaluate your options and make the best choice for your business. Contact us today to get started.

Other Properties for Rent

Farbman Group offers various rental properties throughout the Midwest, catering to multiple industries and needs. Our complete list of commercial properties includes:

  • Office Spaces: Farbman Group offers modern and adaptable office spaces tailored to meet the needs of businesses, providing a professional environment conducive to productivity and success.
  • Medical: Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art medical facilities with advanced amenities and specialized infrastructure to support healthcare professionals in delivering quality patient care.
  • Retail: From bustling shopping centers to charming storefronts, Farbman Group’s properties offer prime locations and vibrant spaces designed to attract customers and drive business growth.
  • Student Housing: Farbman Group’s properties offer comfortable and convenient living spaces for college students, providing a supportive community environment conducive to academic success and personal growth.
  • Senior Housing: We provide specialized senior housing options designed to meet the unique needs of older adults, offering comfortable living spaces, amenities, and services to support an active and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Multi-Family: Our multi-family residences offer a range of living options, from cozy apartments to spacious townhomes, providing residents with comfortable and convenient living spaces in desirable locations throughout the Midwest.

We have the perfect property to meet your needs, whether you seek office space or specialized housing options. With our prime locations and quality amenities, Farbman Group is your trusted partner for finding the ideal property to support your business or lifestyle in the Midwest region.

Properties Throughout the Midwest: Our Locations

With offices strategically placed in nine locations, Farbman Group is well-positioned to serve clients throughout the Midwest region. Our expansive presence allows us to provide personalized service and local expertise to businesses and residents seeking rental properties in these dynamic markets. We have offices in the following locations:

Our team is committed to helping you find the right property, whether you need a retail storefront or an industrial warehouse. With our extensive network of resources, Farbman Group is your partner for navigating the real estate landscape in the Midwest.

Reach Your Industrial Might

Farbman Group can help national brands expand or local entrepreneurs start their industrial leasing. With our deep understanding of the Midwest, including key trends, demographics, and consumer behavior patterns, our team can identify the most suitable locations for your business, maximizing your placement along perfect industrial routes.

Local Expertise

With a strong focus on Detroit and Chicago, Farbman Group brings extensive experience within the Midwest, enabling us to pinpoint the best locations for your industrial space that align with your specific growth goals.

Unrivaled Service

Farbman Group goes beyond merely listing properties; it serves as your advisor to offer a personalized approach and continuous support throughout the entire leasing or sales process.

Comprehensive Solutions

We cover many needs, including site selection, market analysis, lease negotiation, demography research, and transaction management. Additionally, we provide valuable insights into current market trends, rental rates, and competitor analysis to ensure informed decision-making.

National Network

As part of a national network of industry leaders, Farbman Group leverages our vast connections to provide access to a broader spectrum of opportunities for our clients.

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Industrial Brokerage

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Contact Farbman Group today for expert guidance and personalized assistance with your real estate needs. Our experienced team is committed to providing unparalleled service throughout the leasing or sales process. With our extensive network, Farbman Group will help you find the perfect industrial place for your company.
Contact us today to discuss industrial and manufacturing space for sale or lease, your real estate requirements, and discover exciting new opportunities.