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45th Anniversary Carbon Unwind

February 19, 2021

As part of our Farbman group 45th Anniversary, we are dedicating parts of 2021 to our employees, our clients and the community. Recently we gave out free subscriptions to our team members of the Carbon Unwind App so that they could destress at a time when the world is stressful.



Introducing Carbon Unwind: The Sleep And Meditation App Based On Nature And The Outdoors

CarbonTV Catapults Ahead With This Innovative App

DETROIT Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The need for a restorative night’s rest has potentially never been greater and more elusive than right now.  Job loss, social distancing, and racial tensions have left millions of Americans stressed out. Carbon Unwind, the new sleep and meditation app that launches September 8, developed by the premier online video destination for outdoor themed shows, CarbonTV, brings the healing power of nature inside, so people can get the deep sleep they need to feel rested and less stressed.

“We are excited to finally announce our new app: Carbon Unwind! Our team at CarbonTV has been working on this for the past year, enlisting the help of some inspirational Storytellers and talented guided meditation experts! While our free streaming content on CarbonTV will get you excited about the outdoor content, Unwind will bring mindfulness and relaxation, and better sleep cycles, into your life through nature and the outdoors. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have developed, and it’s exciting to see this becoming such a huge success!” said Julie McQueen, president, CarbonTV and founder of  Unwind.

While Carbon Unwind will appeal to those who love the outdoors, people interested in health and wellness, restorative healing and fitness will find the app equally appealing. The app features storytellers, many of them experts in their respective fields, including McQueen, Skull Bound Chronicles TV host Jana Waller, Blood Origins founder Robbie Kroger, survivalist, documentarian and Naked and Afraid star Laura Zerra, The Crush co-host Tiffany Lakosky and Carbon Media Group founder and The Hunt: Target, Track and Attain Your Goals author David Farbman. Some of the storytellers read their own original works, such as Farbman reading from his New York Times best-selling book The Hunt.

“As a mom to two toddlers with a full-time job and a very active household to manage, finding a few minutes of peace and serenity is rare! The Unwind app by CarbonTV is the perfect solution for our family as it brings the soothing sounds and elements of the outdoors that we love right to your fingertips. And the stories for children both educate, inspire and promote relaxation. In our world of always on the go, the Carbon Unwind app is a sanity lifesaver!” said Tiffany Lakosky, host, CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany

Carbon Unwind will also feature an entire section for kids, allowing parents to play sleep stories for the little ones that encourage mindfulness and adventure instead of any negative emotions brought on by television shows or late-night social media.

For those seeking to unwind throughout the day, guided meditations and visualizations will be added to the platform a few times a week. These will be geared specifically toward topics like mindfulness, gratitude, and nature to facilitate a more peaceful state of mind. A section of Carbon Unwind will be dedicated to travel-related meditation and relaxation techniques, which is timely because of the recent apprehension surrounding travel and flight after COVID-19.

Research shows that even if they’re artificial, sounds of nature can help our body relax and could be especially beneficial for those with high-stress. According to a study by Sleep Research Society, nearly one third of Americans get fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night. Seven hours of sleep is recommended for adults and is optimal for boosting overall health and mood. Research shows that stress and the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep increases the risks of a myriad of bad things, like high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Available on iOS and coming soon for Android users, Carbon Unwind offers a free trial and a premium subscription upgrade options. A 12-month introductory subscription price is $59.99. The subscription unlocks additional guided meditations, weekly sleep story additions, special guest storytellers, acoustic music and nature soundscapes as they are added throughout coming months. Download the app at:

About Carbon Unwind

Carbon Unwind is a sleep and meditation app created by the visionaries at CarbonTV, the largest over-the-top developer of outdoor content in the United States. Unwind features influential storytellers sharing immersive favorite stories, a library of guided meditations covering a wide range of topics, and a growing selection of stories for kids to enhance their love of nature and the outdoors. Follow Carbon Unwind on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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