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Connections at ICSC 2022|Connections at ICSC|Connections at ICSC 2022

Building Connections at ICSC 2022 Las Vegas

May 31, 2022

An industry touchstone, ICSC Las Vegas brings together retailers, real estate professionals and investors driving innovation in the marketplaces industry.

From May 22 to 24, members of Farbman Group traveled to Las Vegas to connect, do business and share insights into emerging trends in commercial real estate.

Conference sessions explored topics ranging from stimulating economic development in a post-pandemic world to leveraging virtual reality in the retail real estate landscape. Meanwhile, after two years of pandemic-induced restrictions on in-person gatherings, the conference floor was buzzing with conversation as industry leaders forged partnerships and struck deals.

The Power of the Personal

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s the value of in-person connection. While online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, there is a growing appreciation for the brick-and-mortar spaces that elevate engagement, ignite community and drive economic growth. Similarly, while we connect with clients frequently in the virtual environment, nothing replaces the power of human connection.

With approximately 35,000 attendees, ICSC 2022 represented a return to pre-pandemic levels of traffic and activity. Thousands of retailers were present and active. At Farbman Group, we pride ourselves on being relationship builders first and foremost. Our team took full advantage of the time to connect with partners, discuss new business opportunities and deepen personal connections.

ICSC provided the opportunity to demonstrate to clients how we’re marketing properties, creating innovative new spaces and generating new business. Alongside a busy schedule of meetings, we also enjoyed spontaneous conversations with business partners old and new, allowing us to strengthen our relationships with the people and organizations we serve.

A Shifting Marketplace

It’s no secret that the real estate industry has experienced significant shifts in recent months. Interest rates have risen as inflation remains high, while global supply chain issues and labor shortages are creating new hurdles for construction projects.

Despite macro-economic challenges, there are opportunities to grasp. The appetite for mixed-use marketplaces and spaces is high among consumers. As the market slows, investors, retailers, and real estate companies have the opportunity to make intentional investments in new developments. Hybridized retail models allow business owners to diversify income streams and offer tremendous value to communities hungry for vibrant, interconnected environments.

Against this backdrop, ICSC 2022 presented the perfect opportunity to come together and explore new possibilities for retail development.

Remaining Nimble

After two years of limited in-person interactions and significant economic shifts, retailers and real estate professionals are navigating a new commercial landscape. As always, it pays to be prepared to pivot.

Happily, today’s marketplaces are built to be agile and responsive. As mixed-use environments, the spaces where people shop, dine, work, play and gather are, by default, prepared to weather economic change and emerge relevant and resilient.

As we look ahead to what promises to be a unique period in real estate, events like ICSC demonstrate the potential for innovation. By grounding our work in the relationships we build, we can deliver responsive, people-centered spaces that capitalize on emerging trends and create new opportunities for connection.


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