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Flying Rainbow Flags Outside of Buildings

Farbman Group Celebrates Pride Month by Flying Rainbow Flags Outside of Buildings

June 18, 2021

The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are finally being given the national attention they deserve. Big conversations are taking place about the progress that has been made, and the work that has yet to be done. Celebrating Pride Month feels like a meaningful opportunity for businesses to take another important step in an ongoing social justice journey.

While we all have work to continue to do to raise awareness, confront our own imperfections, and celebrate the power of diverse and connected communities both in and out of the workplace, Pride Month stands out as a unique opportunity. What began as a single day at the end of June has evolved into a monthlong celebration of the LGBTQ community. For our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers who identity as members of that community, this month is about not only celebration, but also recognition, acceptance, inclusion, remembrance and advocacy.

For Farbman Group’s diversity committee, these are the moments that spark creativity and lead to new opportunities. The diversity committee was created last year as part of a company-wide effort to ensure Farbman Group was living up to the principles it espouses. That means working collaboratively to advocate, encourage, support and celebrate diversity in our workspace—while promoting equality of opportunity for all.

One initiative the committee has spearheaded to celebrate Pride Month is adding the rainbow flag to several prominent Farbman Group buildings across the Midwest. The iconic Pride flag, which first appeared in 1978, was originally commissioned by Harvey Milk, one of the nation’s first openly gay elected officials. The flag was designed by artist, activist, drag performer, and military veteran Gilbert Baker. Five Farbman Group buildings in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin will raise the Pride flag high atop their flagpoles throughout the month of June.

Farbman recognizes that the Pride flag—and our decision to fly it in front of our buildings—is ultimately just a symbol. Flags, t-shirts, and other iconography doesn’t replace the difficult and meaningful work it takes to make sure diversity isn’t just a catchphrase, but a workplace reality.

We also recognize that symbols have power. Our hope is that this gesture not only represents Farbman’s continuing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, but serves as an affirmation and a source of pride for all of our LGBTQ friends and allies.

Baker, the flag’s designer, has said that the flag expresses and reflects joy, beauty and power. Those are ideals we can all enthusiastically support. And, at Farbman Group, we aren’t just honored to celebrate those ideals—we are proud.


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