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Art Installation In Chase Tower

Farbman Group Extends Sculpture Milwaukee Art Installation In Chase Tower Building

May 10, 2021

Here at Farbman Group, our commitment to creating and managing places that are true community resources includes a strong commitment to public art. From murals to statuary, public art installations are more than just an aesthetic upgrade—they a great way to make public spaces more appealing and engaging. Art helps to foster the kind of social connections and vibrant civic energy that distinguishes the most memorable built environments.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have extended the rights to the current art installation at Chase Tower, one of our properties in Milwaukee, for another year. The piece is Gild The Lily (Caribbean Hybrid, I, II, III) by Sculpture Milwaukee artist Carlos Rolón. Rolón is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work employs a wide range of media to explore themes of craft, ritual, beauty, spirituality and cultural identity. His work has been presented around the globe at solo exhibitions in some of the most respected institutions in the world, including The Dallas Contemporary in Dallas; the Bass Museum of Art in Miami; the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK; the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico; the New Orleans Museum of Art in New Orleans; and CAM Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis.

Sculpture Milwaukee is a non-profit organization doing outstanding work to transform downtown Milwaukee’s cultural landscape. The group holds an annual outdoor exhibition of world-renowned artwork that serves as a catalyst for community engagement, economic development and creative placemaking.

Rolón’s art was originally installed in the Chase Tower in 2019. A reproduction of the artist’s original triptych painting, the installation sheaths the exterior of the Chase Bank building’s lobby cube with a translucent diorama of tropical flowers, making the “bird cage” lobby the largest sculpture in the region.

Rolón’s Chase Tower installation quickly became a staple of the architectural aesthetic of the building. Gild The Lily (Caribbean Hybrid, I, II, III) is such an iconic and recognizable piece of art that it is difficult to imagine Chase Tower without it. By extending the rights to the piece, Farbman is making sure that Rolón’s creative prowess and Sculpture Milwaukee’s partnership will continue to make the building a standout in the downtown Milwaukee business district for the foreseeable future.

“As an artist, it’s extremely rewarding for people to identify a building known for its modernist importance with a body of work you have personally created,” said Rolón. “I couldn’t be happier that Farbman Group decided to extend my installation, and thus, invested in keeping this visual piece on display for passersby to enjoy for another year.”

By turning the transparent lobby into a glowing jewel box, Rolón’s installation is not only admired by the hundreds of people who work within the building every day, but has become a striking and recognizable feature on the civic landscape of the City of Milwaukee. In the process, it has reaffirmed the Farbman Group mission to strengthen community connections and make their people and places an indispensable part of the neighborhoods in which they reside.


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