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Podcast Gives Farbman Group Tenants a Chance to Carve Out Valuable Real Estate on the Digital Landscape

January 21, 2021

In the wake of a year in which landlords and tenants alike struggled to overcome the crippling economic and logistical challenges associated with COVID shutdowns and restrictions, the commercial real estate industry is looking forward to what promises to be a brighter, healthier and more prosperous 2021.

Farbman Group Podcast for Tenants

Here at Farbman Group, we’ve worked hard to lead forward-thinking landlords across the country in finding new and creative ways to add value for our tenants during these difficult times. One of the ways we’ve done that is to take on a more active and engaged role in crafting and disseminating compelling marketing and messaging initiatives. We’ve taken some of the marketing burden off tenants’ hands by leveraging our resources and connections to provide assistance in an area of the budget that can feel nonessential to a struggling business—but is actually more important than ever right now. Our team has utilized both digital and conventional promotional signage in our centers, devoted space to our tenants in e-blasts, and even collaborated with tenants to ensure that our efforts are consistent with their existing brand language and imagery. Other creative opportunities are being identified by connecting with community partners to create cross-promotional events and programming—especially surrounding holidays and other special events. 

While these efforts are all impactful, one of the most exciting and intriguing new ways that we’ve worked to help our tenants connect with new and existing audiences is to branch out into new media channels: specifically podcasting. We’ve built a fully functional state-of-the-art podcasting studio at our Sheffield Office Park, in partnership with our production partner Grow Studios and podcasting professional Dan Nichols. The benefits of an on-site studio with professional production expertise are enormous. Not only can we offer new and prospective tenants valuable programming and airtime incentives, we can also leverage this critical new marketing tool by raffling off studio time and production services, or by exchanging rent for podcast hours. Tenants can choose to participate in a one-off show or establish a more regular podcast opportunity.

Your Airtime

To be clear, while Farbman Group produces its own podcast, the airtime we offer our tenants is all their own: an opportunity to create and brand their own podcast and utilize their airtime any way they want. The options for what to do with that asset are virtually endless. Tenants can share best practices, provide company updates, introduce new products or seasonal specials and events, conduct interviews, or offer insights from key executives and decision-makers. The podcast gives tenants a chance to market not only their products and services, but their brand as well. The opportunity can position tenants as thought leaders, targeting and connecting with a wide range of different audiences—from consumers to industry peers and professional partners.

Positioned for Long-Term Success

The value to tenants of having a full professional production studio just steps away from their place of business is a potential game-changer. Part of that equation, of course, is the presence of an in-house professional with the talent, experience, and resources to help tenants make the most of the opportunity. They can choose audio-only or audio/video podcast options, enjoy having all of their production needs taken care of, and can elect to receive full footage and audio files or a download link so they can distribute and share. The bottom line is that, at a time when margins are thinner and competition is fiercer than ever in the wake of a devastating pandemic, landlords and tenants who can use these exciting new tools will find themselves not just ahead of the curve, but better positioned for sustained, long-term success.

For Farbman Group tenants interested in taking advantage of this great podcast opportunity, please contact Grow Studios directly at

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